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As a wife, Bianca keeps much of her personality and remains supportive to the Hero's wishes of continuing his quest.

She is overjoyed that she get's to travel with the Hero once again and confesses to have always loved him.

She still shows the Hero a lot of affection, often proclaiming that she will never leave his side.

As a mother, she is very close to her children as well as loving towards them.

On the way, Bianca passes out in the town of Battenberg, but the incident is brushed off as her just being tired.

However, this incident happens once more in Gotha and it is then revealed that Bianca was, in fact, pregnant.

The Hero and his Father first meet Bianca as a child in Whealbrook.After that, her mother passed away and she was then forced to become the provider, as her father, ever the sick man, doesn't have much time to live either (something he keeps hidden from Bianca).Bianca is seen again in the second generation when the Hero is searching for the Circle of Water, when he visits her house, her father then dying, asks him if he would take care of Bianca when he passes away and confesses that she isn't actually his daughter and is in fact adopted.This quest is successful in the end and they are able to put the spirits in the tower to rest, for their efforts they are rewarded with a Golden Orb, which unbeknownst to them, would become more important than they could ever imagine.When the duo returns to the town, word spreads of their adventure and as such, the bullies are forced to hand over the Cub, she then names the cat, then she confesses her parents wouldn't let her keep it so it gives it to the Hero also giving the cub a ribbon as a memento.

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After the herb-maker is found and the medicine is made and delivered, Pankraz escorts Bianca and her mother back to their home in Roundbeck, accompanied by the young Hero.

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  1. Married life however does little to stop her adventurous side (if not just bring it out more as now she is reunited with someone she cares and can share adventures with him).