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[Note]: If you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, call Coach, their representatives will verify if the authenticity number matches the style, (Coach contact link at the bottom of tutorial).Image of authentic Coach label: Use this image to compare to the fake Coach label below.

one a pebbled bucket, one a glove leather wristlet 4913 Sonoma Pouch 4921 Sonoma Satchel 5130 Station Bag 5136 5290 Baxter Bag 6094 Demi Pouch 6707 Bri Satchel 6712 Slim Shoulder Bag 7453 7736 Canvas Demi 7784 Demi Buckle Flap 9014 Berkeley Legacy – Bonnie Cashin era bag traditionally, but found creed number on e-bay indicating manufacture date of 1996 9017 Abbie Demi 9019 Maggie Bucket or Duffle 9020 9023 Winnie Flap Messenger – Mini Willis 9027 Ergo Mini Satchel Hobo 9032 Laurie Flap 9038 Shelburne Flap 9043 Geometric Bag – original price 4 9044 9045 Geometric Roll Bag 9046 Flap bag with round clasp 9047 Legacy 9059 Legacy Zip Top Hobo 9061 Rambler’s Legacy 9062 Mambo Hobo 9073 Andrea Slim Tote 9076 Legacy Flap – Companion Bag 9098 Tribeca 9107 Sutton 9136 Legacy Pocket Hobo 9142 Hipster Flap 9164 Legacy Shoulder Bag 9211 Mini Hobo 9214 Small Hobo 9303 Bleeker Satchel 9305 Bleeker Tote 9311 Bleeker Demi 9430 Slim Satchel Large 9434 Buckle Bag – not correct name…

They've changed sizes, fonts, wording, positioning of the numbers, everything.

Just because the creed of a certain bag does not correspond to the paramenters of another handbag does not confirm it is fake. If the bag is made of Signature fabric and the creed says it's made of genuine cowhide leather, that is a red flag.

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