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And yet this is this is a problem that comes up time and time again, played out by almost every kinky person I have met (and I know a lot of kinky people), sometimes over and over again. I have had several long terms relationships (each more than 2 years) since my late teens.In each case, we met and felt a strong chemistry and a deep attraction.And ultimately, the reason that the relationships could not last.Don’t get me wrong – none of these women I dated were prudes.After all, sometimes it takes a little while before someone opens up about things like this.

So I would say this: if you know you are kinky, don’t waste your time getting into a relationship with a vanilla person.

Or you may have had a particular moment when your kink was awakened – perhaps with a partner introducing you to BDSM – which was akin to letting the genie out of the bottle (there’s no getting it back in there).

My point is – people are either kinky or they are not.

Each of my exes was beautiful in her own distinct way – and engaging, funny, likeable.

Of course, we had ups and downs in the course of our relationships, as all couples do.

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Vanilla people cannot be made kinky, just as kinky cannot be made vanilla.

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  3. Let's face it: How do you drop that bomb on a potential love interest? She considered a number of online dating venues, but she says asked too many questions on its enrollment form, e Harmony was too "religious," and My Space was too much of a "hookup zone." "I wanted to meet men with my same diagnosis so we wouldnt [need to] have 'the talk,' or fear of rejection and transmitting," she says.