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Francine Joy "Fran" Sheffield (née Fine) is the series' nasal-voiced main character, portrayed by actress Fran Drescher.

Pausing, she adds quietly, “All those years weren’t for nothing.” Over the last decade, Drescher and Jacobson, 53, have transitioned from spouses to best friends and, once again, producing partners.(She is dating someone she declines to name; he is single.) They spend their days together on the set, where they’ve re-created the cozy Sherman Oaks, Calif., cottage they once called home.“We’re lucky we can revisit our old home and spend time together like in the good old days. (sic).'They may have been onto something, given the 14-year-old beef isn't just the KIIS FM star's biggest, it's also the most suitable for the Channel Ten show.Both men still have strong ties to the network, Rove via his Roving Enterprises production company that produces The Project.

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You see what you want to see.” For Jacobson, suppressing his instincts seemed like the only option. You married at 21, had a big wedding in Great Neck and lived happily ever after,” he says.

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