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The additional mark is placed immediately above the right hand tip of the banner with the words "CO FERMANAGH IRELAND" the mark is Green. The size of the mark was reduced in 1965 probably to accommodate placing stamps on smaller pieces. In April 1980 the seventh mark was introduced to commemorate the centenary of Gold medal won at the Melbourne Exhibition of 1880.The "R" in the circle moved to above the harp on the main stamp. The colour was changed to gold and the round disk with "deanta in eireann" was omitted At some time around 1984 the gold colour on the mark was substituted with a brown colour, the reason is not known but it is likely that the colour was changed due to the gold burning off during firing. The previous mark was earmarked to be changed in 1990 but due to changes and personnel this date was missed and the mark was not changed until 1993.Ornamental or decorative designs were registered for copyright under a series of Acts of Parliament (see table headings at section 6).Registration protected the decorative elements of the design from being copied and manufactured without permission.The table in section 6 shows the classifications used.The clerks sometimes placed items in the wrong material class so that, for example, a book binding may be misfiled as a carpet.

Although it is not definite why this occurred, it is likely that this product was made during the First World War when materials were difficult to acquire and inferior materials were used. Introduced in 1926, possibly to mark the Wembley Exhibition of that year. Interestingly this registry mark dates from 1884 but was only used from 1926! Around scroll with Celtic decoration and the words "deanta in eireann" (made in Ireland) added.Look at the bottom of the page under all the marks. We will start here with a 1st Period Mark or 1st Black Mark.The colour of the mark during this period was predominantly black but other colours were used, amongst them red, blue, orange, green, brown, and pink.If you can’t find a design number but you have a diamond mark, you might be able to date the design and find out what material class it belongs to. Unfortunately this process won’t help you to find the design in all cases.If you know the proprietor for a design registered between c1840 and c1870 try the alphabetical register BT 44/38.

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