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“I was, but then I got off, because I met somebody in real life and then I just really — I missed the excitement that comes with meeting somebody face-to-face.

I wanted whatever relationship I was in to have that excitement that comes from an organic meeting, because swiping is hopeless, and it just felt very, fuck, like automated and robotic.“Part of it is like the race thing, too, which is a little hard. I’m East African and there aren’t a lot of East African Muslims on these apps.

And I didn’t realise the steps that people took to get to that and if they even have found it.

Even in my friend’s relationships — did they find it, or what are the things they compromised on?

You want someone who is going to be able to enjoy sharing these experiences with you.

Actually, he’s had to already have spoken to his parents. So his parents have given him the okay to move forward.

I’m now realising that there is no set path for that — for how to find that person.”The beautiful thing about this is that everyone feels so isolated in their journeys to find love.

That’s what compelled me to start writing — I felt so alone.

So, you think, “I tend to find myself in these situations when I know that my ultimate goal is to marry a Muslim.

Because there’s nothing higher than a spiritual relationship and a true spiritual connection. And it’s important for me to know that, in the good times, we’re pulling from the same spiritual toolbox.

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For example, Ramadan just ended, and just to know that the guy that I’m seeing is going to want to go to the mosque with me.

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