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The UFC was lit up last night by Irishman Conor Mc Gregor after his thrilling victory over Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 – and he immediately jumped over the Octagon wall and rushed UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo to confront him head-to-head.Mc Gregor will take on Aldo in a Las Vegas showdown in May which will see the 26-year-old Dubliner become the first Irishman to fight for a UFC title.He then veers the aircraft into the volcano as the end credits roll and leaves the audience to decide whether they survive.The helicopter shot in the ending resulted in a helicopter crash by pilot Craig Hosking.Speaking after his victory that saw him knockout Siver in the second round – with the German unable to defend himself once Notorious gained a full mount position up against the cage – Mc Gregor admitted that he had no idea what he said to Aldo in the seconds after the end of the bout."I don't even know what I said," Mc Gregor admitted after the fight. Tell him to get the spit bucket and spit-shine that belt because I'm coming for it."25-1 Aldo laughed off the challenge though, saying: "He's just a joke and a court jester to me, so I laughed at him.

There are no special features and although the film was presented theatrically in the 2.35 aspect ratio, the DVD features a matted, 2.10 aspect ratio transfer.In 2013, the film was released on Blu-ray Disc, using the same matted 2.10 aspect ratio version of the R-rated theatrical cut.The film was heavily panned by critics and scores only 12% on Rotten Tomatoes; the main criticisms were that the film provided little in the way of compelling thriller elements, that it diluted some of the plotlines of the novel, and that the actors were not on form.Or at least, I liked the idea of jumping on the Joe Eszterhas bandwagon." Carly Norris (Sharon Stone), a sex-starved divorcee, moves into an exclusive New York residential building, not long after the previous tenant, Naomi Singer, falls to her death from her balcony.She immediately crosses paths with other tenants including the handsome Zeke (William Baldwin).

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