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So, instead of creating many rules, minimize some and focus on how to help your child follow practical rules. If your kid starts overheating, put off that conversation, then explain why. Correct Mistakes, Don’t Scold As a good parent, you should correct the mistakes your child made.Next, tell your child that you will talk to him when the sulking and yelling stops. Scolding can’t not make the situation better, even make it worse.If toddlers’ diet is poor at calories, nutrients and essential minerals and vitamin, they can’t reach maximum height, weight and intelligence like other kids.In addition, parents also control eating habit in kid.More → For Your Marriage Helps couples at all stages of life to understand and live God’s plan for happy, holy marriages.Lady Gaga first struck up a romance with talent agent Christian Carino in early 2017, and now the two are reportedly engaged.Traditions Blog: Keep the Faith As we begin our blog, we think the topic of tradition will give you a glimpse of who we are.As Catholics, traditions are a critical element of our faith life—they help with ou...

Rules are good for children but many rules can make kids fight against those rules. Skip The Drama As a parent, you should calmly explain the consequences.

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In other words, you must make sure about the safeness of your child. Make Sure That Your Kid Have A Healthy Diet Toddlers need healthy meals to have normal growth, including both the physical and mental development.

If their diet is high in fat or calories, they may have obesity.

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To have good conversations with our kids, we need to ask 6 powerful parenting questions.

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