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I don’t even think this is necessarily all that new, because you’ve always seen this gender-segregated vision of labor,” she said.

While Taylor said she believes sugar baby relationships are akin to evolutionary concepts like natural selection, Sardi said a sociological lens would favor culture, responding to human inventions such as financial currency.

Taylor, who pursued a focus in women, gender and sexuality at Yale, said her interaction with the site has been one of a sexual awakening and addressing an “asymmetry of experience” between men and women in the dating pool.

“Freud and Foucault are great thinkers, but they cannot tell me how to live as a black woman, and they can’t tell me how to live in Trump’s America,” she said.

“It shows that people want to be successful in many ways, and one of the ways people will go about doing that without the conventional means to attain material success is doing things like this,” Sardi said.

“In the animal kingdom, that is how it works,” she said.Sugar Babies are defined as: "Attractive people looking for the finer things in life. Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby." Source: Seeking Arrangement The average age of a Sugar Daddy is 38.A Sugar Daddy is defined as "Successful men and women who know what they want.In comparison, the site lists the highest number of new registrations for Arizona State University, with 352., a sugar-daddy dating website, just unveiled a whole new way for wealthy older men to spoil their pricey young paramours: a monthly subscription-box service called "A Little Something Extra.According to Seeking, the “sugar lifestyle” levels the dating playing field by treating its sugar babies and sugar daddies as two partners, negotiating.

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