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past posts mentioning NSFNET backbone for slightly additional NSFNET backbone topic drift ... My point was not that Ctrl V was set in immutable stone, but that it had more-or-less supplanted the alternative key combination for Paste, which is/was Shift Ins[ert].

I had done a lot of work on large clusters of 370 and/or 801 processors ... My keyboard doesn't even *have* an Insert key, though there is the Ins key on the number pad. Exercises played by the designers of any new keyboard (not just IBM's!

IBM Unionization The history of Structure capabilities was: 1975 movie "Three Days of the Condor" tech stuff Memories of ACC, IBM Channels and Mainframe Internet Devices Taxes THE runs in DOS box? Old word & word combination frequency analysis since then CVE reports have moved to nist recent post discussing buffer overflow in more detail: references old article from the 90s about buffer overflow is the most common security bug: into this century it somewhat shifts to 1/3rd buffer overflow, 1/3rd social engineering, and 1/3rd automatic execution.

Microminiaturized Modules Old-school programming techniques you probably don't miss My Vintage Dream PC And, 40 years of IBM midrange big iron mainframe vs. reference to NIST calculating that buffer overflow drops to 20% (over the previous 4 yrs) not so much that the number of buffer overflows has dropped, but that other exploits have increased (so buffer overflows are smaller percentage of larger pie).

up thread references supporting full-duplex T1 and higher speed links.

Recent refs to To Be or To Do: Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America's Lunch If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company past refs to "career enhancing" &/or never forgive for being right: arrogance metrics (Benoits) was: general networking cost of crossing kernel/user boundary Offshore IT I am an ageing techy, expert on everything. the executive sponsoring the activity retires (see description in above wiki).

it was easier to clone an RDBMS and only have the items needed for specific set of tasks ... Heavily used in 1988, when VNET was converted from the old but trusty RSCS software to the new strategic solution. The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. The Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend in the USA for which the Thursday or Friday (respectively) is a holiday. I would sponsor (real & virtual) Friday's after work at some watering hole near san jose plant site.

and working with the various entities that were the likely candidates for the NSFNET backbone. The schemes employed can be so perverse that they defy belief at times. Invisible decisions taken by members of some board or committee, usually with all-too-visible results.This is old email about being scheduled to give a presentation to the director of NSF on NSFNET backbone ... The convention here in Canada is to make a long weekend by taking the following Monday off, rather than the preceding Friday.but getting pre-empted for meeting on "processor clusters" and having to find a substitute to give the backbone presentation to director of NSF: in this old post more recent post discussing various aspects of high-speed data transport and NSFNET backbone old email listing some of the organizations being invited to NSFNET/HSDT backbone meeting ... So (with the exception of Easter) we don't have virtual Fridays - but those virtual Mondays are a bitch.however I had done the support for RFC1044 and in some tuning tests at Cray Research, I could get full channel thruput between 4341 and a Cray, using only a modest amount of the 4341 processor (possibly 500 times improvement/reducation in instructions executed per byte moved). past posts mentioning having done the rfc 1044 support for mainframe tcp/ip product misc. I'm guessing that that's just within one or more applications, rather than generally.past posts mentioning the internal network TCP/IP is the technology basis for the modern internet, the NSFNET backbone was the operational basis for the modern internet, and CIX was the business basis for the modern internet. old email about NSFNET backbone activity Old email reference to somebody having collected various email that was pushing a enormous amount of misinformation regarding SNA/VTAM suitability for the NSFNET backbone: misc. Either way it's hardly surprising and I'm trying to work out whether I've missed something or you've gone off at a tangent.

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