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It's a little onerous if you are after performance, so you might limit this to debugging.On Windows, there is little overhead outputting text to the system debugger. The second and third parameters are the size of the characters and the length of the string.Of these two, binary files are usually the simpler to deal with.For that reason and the fact that random access on a text file isn't something you need to do often, this tutorial is limited to binary files.Apart from the simplest of applications, most programs have to read or write files.It may be just for reading a config file, or a text parser or something more sophisticated.The file is created if it doesn't exist, and if it does, whatever was in it is deleted.If the call to fopen fails, perhaps because the file was open or the name contains invalid characters or an invalid path, fopen returns the value 0.

The FILE * variable is returned from the fopen() call.

This tutorial focuses on using random access files in C.

The basic file operations are The two fundamental file types are text and binary.

Although you could just check for ft being non-zero (success), this example has a File Success() function to do this explicitly.

On Windows, it outputs the success/failure of the call and the filename.

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