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In my opinion, a must have, because Farid Chenoune really dives in deep to the matter of men’s clothing history and although not a dissertation, it is academically sound.He provides a wealth of helpful pictures and explains how menswear evolved, especially over the last 200 years from a French perspective.Sorting: You can sort the books by title, author, genre or importance, so you can quickly find what’s right for you3.Pages: You can choose on the top left, whether you want to see 10, 25, 50 or all 100 books at once, so it’s up to you whether you want to scroll or not.The attempt of creating a menswear encyclopedia with a slim bibliography, and often incomplete or non existant entries.

Small British clothing guide with interesting tidbits and tables about what to wear on what occasion. I consider it to be a must have because Alan Flusser probably sold the most books worldwide about men’s fashion, and although not his first book, this one is the foundation of his fame. Old British book about how to get rid of stains and dirt as well as how to rejuvenate fabrics.Some of you may be interested in creating a library of your own, while others want to learn more about men’s clothing or maybe just investigate a specific detail.To facilitate the process of finding the right book for you, I created a table with the 100 titles that contains just the basic information. Search: Just type in a keyword at the top right, hit enter and see what comes up2.Written by Esquire and Apparel Arts veterans, it contains a lot of information about every aspect of men’s clothing divided into chapters by subject, and time as well as a glossary at the end of the book.Of course, everything in this 1970’s book as a heavy American influence but it is still a must have.

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In eight chapters, Boyer touches history and advice on men’s clothing, provides a brief glossary of style terminology, and it contains a now outdated appendix on men’s clothing stores.

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