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Although, a twenty dollar Starbucks card goes to the first person who correctly identifies the third largest stock holder in Nest in the comments section.Hint, ( he clams to have invented the internet, and is all about convenient, I mean, inconvenient truths).Is there any doubt that Nest pulled off the greatest product launch the HVAC industry has ever seen?To all the traditional thermostat manufacturers, Wake up!The Honeywell Redlink is a proven commodity, with a much richer feature set…but how to get the market place to covet the Red Link the way they do the Nest?Disruptive technology will never, and should never, go away.Honeywell, Ecobee ( with it’s gorgeous color display), and the others have equal if not better thermostats but lack the style and marketing wizardry of Nest.

This means total dependence for all products and services from Nest.UGLY: Tony Fadell wanted Nest to have the same level of rigor and quality as i Pod.Well he captured our imagination with the coolest looking thermostat ever, he got the packaging right, he was spot on with marketing, he made energy saving thermostats (at least his) a status symbol but unlike the IPOD there are serious design concerns with the Nest.Now for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: GOOD: Cost is the almighty force that drives a good, better, and best offering, whether in cars or televisions, or universities or hair salons, and economics will prevail in the selection of a thermostat — unless there is a greater tax or rebate incentive offered, or it becomes mandatory ( as in the government makes you, wonder which savvy investor will make billions off of little round thermostats if this happens) for a smart device to link energy information from each residence to the utilities for grid management.We all benefit by the great smart thermostat race and there is no dis-inventing the Nest.

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