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It would be nice if Excel would automatically refresh a pivot table, whenever its source data changes, but unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in way to make that happen.

If you update the data in your underlying Excel table, you can tell Excel to update the pivot table information.

One thing that we have seen internally and have heard from customers is that when you refresh the data sheet, it isn’t automatically refreshing the data in the Pivot Tables.

To refresh the Pivot Tables, you have to go to each one and refresh it.

So the point is, you need a method to update source range automatically when we add new data so that we can save our precious time. It will check the last column and last row with data to create a dynamic range.

Today, in this post, I’d like to share with you three different methods which we can use to update the source range of a pivot table automatically. By applying a table in source data you don’t need to change the source range of your pivot table again and again. Every time you run this macro it will create a new dynamic range.

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Worksheets("Pivot Table Data3") Set Pivot_Sheet = This Workbook.

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