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When Monday finally did come, it was exactly as we both wanted. Chris nervously took his right hand and slowly palmed my ass, getting just a feel of the surface of it. If Chris and I were going to get frisky again, I wanted to surprise him! “No, in fact I think I’m full already” he said smiling, pushing his barely eaten bowl aside. In our previous make out sessions, Chris had always positioned himself so that I couldn’t feel his erection, but after yesterday’s joking, he wasn’t shy about it anymore. As I experimented with his cock, I noticed that he developed a liking for whenever I tried to nestle it between my ass cheeks. It still covered my ass, but showed a lot of my upper thigh. I think your father might look for us if we park in the garage without coming in.” “What about the parking lot at Jessie’s school.

It was just an understanding that the time after breakfast and before Jessie got home was our special time alone together. Because I was pleased with how my legs looked, I had begun concentrating on my ass the last few workouts. “Go tell your friends to wait downstairs for a few minutes” I smiled seductively. I heard him shout something to his friends over the bannister before sprinting back to my room. “Chris, go ahead and unbuckle your jeans, it’s okay! When it was almost completely out, I straightened myself up and turned my head to kiss him; nuzzling his cock against my ass and giving it no space for him to try and put it back. Pete and Jake’s faces relaxed from hearing my enthusiasm. “Oh, I’m sure that opportunity will come up again real soon” I giggled. Chris’ cock was about 5 and half inches and had a good thickness to it too. “And I have a feeling you’re going to want to get “lucky” a lot more from now on!

Chris instantly freaked out and was pulling himself away, but I knew from the sound of the light steps that it was my daughter and not my husband. I continued to spend time with my daughter until my husband got up and came down the stairs. In the mist of our lewd act, I could hear the voices of my husband and daughter outside on the backyard porch. He continued to juggle both tasks but was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. When I got to Chris’, I was a little surprised to see his so full. ” We flirted with each other the entire drive back and returned back home in extremely high spirits.

So instead of letting Chris stop, I pulled him back into me, giggling as I continued to kiss my son. “Yeah, okay I’ll be ready soon” he said, tossing his phone aside and returning his full attention to me. I can always go wash them” I said, turning back around to kiss him. Then I realized that he had gone through almost 2 pair of boxers a day! He must’ve been so worked up from our sessions that he had to change twice a day! Chris went up to his room and I immediately went to find my husband, letting him know that tomorrow I would be away in the afternoon.

For the most part, we respected each others boundaries; I still let him live as a normal teenager and he never tried to interfere with my duties as a mother just because he wanted to make out. Seeing the huge smile on my face and all my excitement, Chris’ face relaxed. “I protested to go later, but they wanted to go now…” “It’s okay honey! Just like in the morning I started to push my ass into him, making sure to do my best to keep his cock between my cheeks. He didn’t seem too sure of what to do with his boxers so he kept them on. Before Jake even got to his front door, Chris began kissing me. “We’ll be back soon dear” I said to my husband, while swapping spit with his son. I got off Chris to let him undress but continued to kiss him. “Well big boy, mommy can handle all he has to offer! ” The drive from Jessie’s school back to the house was short, but it did give us a few minutes to chat.

We also never really discussed what was actually going on. Chris glanced over at the clock, noticing that it was only 10 minutes before his sister got home. ” I shouted, already sprinting upstairs to my bedroom. can’t see it well in this lighting” he said, moving to the kitchen light to turn it on. You should hang out with your friends when you want.” “I know, but there’s something else I want more right now! It was only then that he noticed I was wearing jeans and instant look of disappointment filled his face. My head was turned to the side and I could see Chris trying to adjust himself through his jeans, but wasn’t having much success. I didn’t complain and knew we were running low on time so I went right back to grinding against him. “There’s just something Chris and I need to take care of first! ” I said, tossing my cell phone to the floor of the car. ” “Mom, I don’t think there’s enough room in here for us to –“ “Maybe not with my ass, but I think there’s something else I can do to get you off! “Well if you don’t get off now, what were you going to do once you got home? Chris looked at me and nodded, “I guess you have a point! Besides, you wouldn’t want your father to see you walking around with that thing! When I felt him sit down again, I broke our kiss to get my first close up look at his cock. “Mom, did you mean it when you said you had even sexier underwear?

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Our kissing grew more and more intense and I noticed that Chris seemed to develop a fondness for sucking on my tongue. ” I nodded my head softly while drinking my coffee. I remember those all night gaming marathons in my day! He really did seem tired and it took a few seconds before he woke up. I could feel that he was about to protest but my lips were locked firmly around his, preventing him from saying anything.

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