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I was especially impressed with the lead actress, Nina Dobrev, as she was quite believable in her role without acting over the top.Peter Stebbings was a sexy hunk, yet completely creepy at the same time, as the werewolf next door who believed Loren (Nina Dobrev) was his reincarnated mate.

There is a twist on the more traditional (and popular) stories out there right now so it is not quite what I expected, but I say that in a good way.They were short Germans who wanted me to take over the family importing and exporting business. I also vowed to be a completely different parent if and when I had kids myself. After high school I studied drama at college and then at Yale University.Given that acting can be such a precarious profession, did you ever wonder how you were going to make ends meet?This movie contains a murder mystery, a sexy werewolf, a budding werewolf slayer, a teen romance, some good laughs and plenty of paranormal adventures so there is a little bit of everything in it for different viewers. Content: This movie features a 30ish (in human years, who knows how many in werewolf years) man lusting after a 16-year-old girl, which is a little creepy.There are some mildly sensual scenes, violent scenes, a demon dog who attacks people, a man who transforms into a werewolf and kills people (no actual deaths are shown, just a lot of blood), violence and fighting.

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