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The ritual represents one of Cape Town's oldest living traditions.

Before they created the Closed Cold Water Recycling System, their lab would waste perfectly potable municipal water when it cooled down the machines and washed all the equipment. Cape Talk reports that 100 Cape Town schools are set to save thousands of litres of water, thanks to Dropula.

In 1795 during the Napoleonic Wars, Britain took the Cape Colony from the Dutch East India Company ((De) Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) in Dutch).

The VOC transferred its territories and claims to the Batavian Republic in 1798 and ceased to exist in 1799.

They fire every day at 12 noon sharp, except Sundays and public holidays, and are maintained by the South African Navy.

In addition to the aforementioned port hailing duties, the guns have had the task of firing a time signal since 1806.

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  1. Up to six regressive terraces occur on the Holocene reef tract and up to 15 occur on reef tracts II and III, which span the interval from 33 ka to 52 ka. The uplift behaviour along 40 km of coast is now defined by surveys and radiocarbon dates from 15 new Holocene sites that add to previous results from 13 other sites (Ota , 1993), plus detailed surveys of three late Pleistocene sequences.