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One of the most striking changes is the increased production of the stress hormone Cortisol, which is made by the adrenal glands.

Persistent high levels of Cortisol and other homromes have numerous effects on the body.

This can be as mild as subtle changes in shedding pattern or as obvious as a long, wavy, overgrown coat (called hirsutism).

Other classic signs of Cushing’s include: ■ Excessive sweating; ■ Increased appetite; ■ Increased drinking and urination; ■ Lethargy and poor performance; ■ A pot-bellied appearance; ■ Muscle loss (especially along the topline); ■ Abnormal fat distribution (primarily in the crest of the neck, tail head, sheath, and above the eyes); ■ Chronic or relapsing laminitis; and ■ Delayed wound healing, skin infections, and increased susceptibility to internal parasites So – Tumor – Pituitary gland – base of brain – High Cortisol levels – low immune system – lots to understand and do to keep pet healthy – cry – get a grip – get to working on spending some last minute, weeks years quality time with your best friend x x Normal horses should suppress cortisol levels to below 30 nmol/L and ideally 150 nmol/L) usually have less suppression and values below 40 nmol/L would be considered normal.

There may be variations in natural spring shedding and in some cases, spring moulting does not take place at all. Sweating is a common event and the coat often feels damp.

Sweating is a result of warmth from an excessively thick, long coat and some of the hormonal changes and the pressure on the base of the brain where the thermoregulatory centres are located.

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