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These kinds of cases usually fell into three categories.1. They would insist that some mistake had been made.2. The client would swear bodily harm upon the guilty parties.3. Dignified had been the word that popped into his mind when hed first met Andrea Walston.

Not ritzy or high class, those terms missed the mark. She had smelled of money, yet wore none of the trappings.

A few discreet questions later, and she found that he did indeed have what she was looking for.

Aside from a wedding band that boasted a rock that was probably worth a small country, she wore just a Cartier wristwatch and a mother of pearl necklace. She felt secure in her wealth and had no need to flaunt it. After looking at the last photograph, she slipped them back into the manila folder. No glistening of tears, no maniacal look of wigging out. Apparently placated, Andrea rose, the meeting over.

It was as if shed just glanced at the lunch menu at the club. Drummond escorted her to the door and bid his farewells.

Secondly, a divorce would merely free Maxwell to carry on a relationship with Melanie in public. Almost from the beginning, Andrea had had her suspicions.

Melanie Swift, the smoking-hot blonde as Drummond had put it, was Maxwells personal secretary. So thinly veiled was their tryst, that Andrea had been forced to use the tawdry services of Mr. The two had made it ridiculously easy for him to capture their adultery on film.

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