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Somehow I do manage to go back to sleep, but I’m wondering how on earth the owners of this shop, selling whatever “enticing” goods they are selling for whatever bargain price, can even stand this repeating announcement themselves.

I’m so happy to see Minako again, I’m distracted from the discomfort. ” She apparently didn’t have any problem with flies at the Movenpick.

Later I awake around 4- to hear that the loudspeaker has stopped. There is still a buzz of activity on the street below but it’s a gentle buzz now, like static.

And I can’t imagine this sound actually lures shoppers to buy anything! I was beginning to think I was in some episode of the Twilight Zone.

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to the same loudspeaker I heard when I went to sleep. The plan is to drive from Amman back to the Dead Sea where we will pick up Minako from the Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea.

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